Psia, is a continent that has suffered through a Beholder driven plague 1000 years ago. To save the world, a council of mages cast a ward upon the Underdark and the old Magocracy academy, from which the diseased creatures spawned, but in order to ward most of the island, 4/10ths of the land and it’s people were used as material components. Though safe, the residents of Psia were now alone, and no matter how far they sail, they’ve yet to find other land.

Recently, a creature from that time has resurfaced, the Dream Worm Qaelthaex. This creature is influencing the minds of the non-human races in order to spread chaos wherever he can. What is his purpose? Why is he after the non-humans? What can a band from The Order of Two Flight’s Planar watch do to stop it?

Preserving Psia

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