Preserving Psia

The End of Qaelthaex

The Big Reveal--revealed

Floor Two:

On this floor, the party worked their way through several rooms full of Shadar-kai grunts, and found that the obsidian tower was lined with heavy crossbow turrets. It seemed that Qaelthaex had suspected that the Planar watch would make a second attempt into his realm and tried to set up defenses. After several melees, the party searched the floor and found that the Ashcroft family, barons of White Field had long ago summoned up Qaelthaex for some worm cult, with the hopes of uplifting the human race over the non-humans. Satisfied with their search, they climbed the steps into the next floor.

Note: Earthsea had the worst luck detecting traps and was poisoned twice.

Floor Three:

This floor was trapped from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, and intended to try and split the party into leaving through different exits. Although Captain Sathirian dragged the party behind, they were able to make it through and chose the western stairwell.

Floor Four:

It seemed that Qaelthaex was no longer messing around. All over this floor were pitfall traps designed to protect archers from melee combat. The first melee nearly won over the party, but having seen what to expect, they were able to adapt, and smashed their way through the remainder of the floor. However, in searching this floor, they discovered a terrible secret. Psia, was NOT the survivor of a sacrificial ritual, but instead, they were the sacrifices themselves. The rest of the known world from a thousand years ago, had lured the beholders into Psia’s underbelly and sent them off into the Astral sea to save themselves!

Floor Five:

At last, they were face to face with Qaelthaex himself, and in a room that featured swinging scythes intended on cutting them down. The battle was long, and began with Dmok nearly cutting down Sathirian, while being controlled by Qaelthaex’s will. Several were wounded terribly, but in the end Jasper took the final blow, which ended the Wish Worm’s life. The party returned to the planar watch to handle old business and to deliver the news that their assumptions of the shattering were all very wrong.

~ ~ ~ Unfinished Business:

Dara: Over the year that followed, after the death of Qaelthaex, you’ve been keeping an ear out on rumors of Lolm Vus-nath, the drow who destroyed your village. From rumors, he’s been seen on and off again in the Shattered Lands, often in company with the native orcs. However, each time you’ve investigated, he’s been long gone by the time you arrive.

Dmok & Fwkado: During the annual moot, your father welcomes you with open arms having already heard of the great battles and victories you’ve joined and claimed. However, the recent civil war between the hill and mountain dwarves of Grimrot is threatening to split the clan, as some of the idealistic claim to side with the hill dwarves, while the traditional side with mountain. Your father has not decided. He has asked you to either assist in ending the conflict or to determine which side would be most beneficial to the clan as a whole.

Earthsea: The circus came to town and you’ve had a wonderful time with Orla. She is still deeply in love with you and even gave you a gift. A small crafted doll that her buddy, the trapeeze artist, taught her to make. However, towards the end of the year when she returned to Chroma-Forge she confided something in you. If the circus does not find any new attractions, then they would have to close down by the year. Also, the thieve’s guild has contacted you, and has alerted you to the name of a fence, who would be willing to safely dispose of items you pilfer as well as award you with rank, so long as you, perform a job here or there.

Jasper: Iago, has escaped. When he lost contact with his agents, he played it safe and fled, to where, no one knows. Some accusations have come over Morthin who was Iago’s partner, but thus far no sanctions have been placed upon your household. But there is no time for that. Pike over the year, has joined his own Planar watch troupe to replace the void left when your team rose to the rank of captains. Additionally, there are rumors that a group of mountain dwarves have slipped through and are harrassing lone tieflings suspecting them of causing the current troubles in Grimrot.



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