Preserving Psia

The Madness of Sigil

After a year of private goals, wherein Earthsea attempted to tie her lover’s circus to the Thieve’s Guild of Psia, Dmok attempted to settle the dispute between the Hill and mountain dwarves, and Jasper started creating a school of knowledge in Qaelthaex’s plane, the party was summoned back to Chromaforge. A letter was given to them to give to the Lady of Pain as an apology for whatever trespass they committed long ago, and to seek a safe place to create a permanent portal between planes. They arrived in Sigil and found this to be a very strange place.

After stopping a staged mugging, the party learns about the Factions of Sigil from an angel of Tiamat and learned of an ‘adventurer’s guild’ set up by the Modrons in order to study the adventuring phenomenon. There, they take on a quest to get involved in a struggle between gangs and find themselves knee deep in a an all-out brawl that erupts on the streets. After wading through, they come across the “quast giver”, a ghost orc named Demond, who tells them that he needs help rescuing six of his men from the “dogs” factions of Xaositects (chaosmen).

After some investigation, the party finds where the “dogs” dwell and where they can find them. So after fighting off some Xaositects of the “cats” faction, they gather up clothing and make their way to a section of the hive known as “bones market”.



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